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About Juan-les-Pins

French Riviera, France

Lying on the south-western side of the Provençale Escarpment, Juan les Pins falls under the commune of Antibes and the two towns have a combined population of around 80,000 residents, which increases four-fold during the summer months. Juan les Pins is certainly one of the better known towns in the French Riviera, if more through past history than present glory. The town became well known in the earlier part of the twentieth century, being popular with the likes of F Scott Fitzgerald, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. etc. and in 1969 was lyricized in Peter Sarstedt’s song, ‘Where do you go to?’. However, despite such romanticism, Juan les Pins is not as idyllic as some other resorts in the French Riviera, mainly owing  to its lack of period property and past history, the area only becoming known as Juan les Pins as late as 1882.

A short history of Juan-les-Pins

Before its development, Juan les Pins was just an area of stone pine trees and where the residents of nearby Antibes would come for a gentle walk under the canopy of the trees during the hottest summer days and to collect cones and firewood in the winter, the stone pine also being known as the umbrella pine, parasol pine or Italian stone pine. The name Juan comes not from the Spanish but is in fact simply part of the regional Occitan dialect pronunciation of the French name Jean, which explains why it is pronounced ‘jewaan’ and not ‘whaan’. Perhaps the most famous building in Juan les Pins is the hotel ‘Le Provencal’ which was opened in 1926 and attracted many world famous guests, including Man Wray, Jack Warner and Charlie Chaplin.

tourist attractions in Juan-les-Pins

Juan les Pins is without doubt a serious tourist attraction in the French Riviera, but though the name is well known, it does not have the same cachet as Cannes or nearby Antibes, which is why it is perhaps more popular a destination for the less wealthy who still want to enjoy themselves on the Riviera. Unlike many of the beaches along the Riviera, those at Juan les Pins have been created using soft sand as opposed to pebbles and are more sheltered than normal. Water sports abound I the area, with marinas at both Golfe-Juan and Antibes, while those who are more interested in exploring on foot will enjoy the JardinBotanique de la Villa Thuret, which was created by the famous French botanist, Charles Thuret, in 1857.

festivals and events in Juan-les-Pins

Juan les Pins is also connected with the Antibes 6 day race which is a series of marathons and ultra-marathons held at the beginning of May. These races vary in both length and time, from a ‘standard marathon’ to a race which actually lasts the full six days, the winner being the person who covers the greatest distance in the time allowed. Juan les Pins is also renowned for its annual jazz festival, ‘Jazz a Juan’ which takes place in July each year and which has been going for over 50 years. The festival is so popular that many world famous musicians have appeared and as a legacy of this, their handprints can be seen on the pavement along Boulevard EdouardBaudoin.

GASTRONOMY in Juan-les-Pins

Undoubtedly with its location by the sea and Provençale influence, it is hard to escape the cuisine of the region, though one would beg to ask the question why, anyway. Because of the diverse nature of the residents in Juan les Pins, the restaurant scene is equally diverse, ranging from the finest haute cuisine to the delicious food of a simple creperie. Restaurants such as Da Mario (Italian), Plage Helios (Seaside French), Le PoussePousse ( Authentic Thai), Asiako (Japanese sushi), or la Pate a Crepes cater for all tastes and budgets.

recommended restaurants in Juan-les-Pins
Bijou Plage Boulevard du Littoral RN 98, 06160 Juan-les-Pins
Phone: +33 4 93 61 39 07
Le Figuier de Saint Esprit Les Remparts, 14 rue St Esprit, 06160 Juan-les-Pins
Phone: +33 4 93 85 58 81
Cote Jardin 55 Avenue De Cannes | Face au Parc Exflora, 06160 Juan-les-Pins
Phone: +33 4 92 95 84 41
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