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About Cannes

French Riviera, France

When you think of Cannes, more often than not thoughts of the French Riviera and the renowned Cannes International Film Festival may spring to mind. However, if you visit Cannes, you will be more than pleasantly surprised how much more the town has to offer than initially meets the eye. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea and in the South of France, Cannes lies 25km south-west of Nice, 38km south-west of Monaco and 50 Km from the Italian border. Certainly Cannes is a favourite hot spot of the wealthy and famous, but like so many French towns, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy and experience French culture at its best and in places, most chic.

A short history of Cannes

It may come as a surprise, but up until 60 years ago, Cannes was more a sleepy fishing village as opposed to the glittering town you see today. Early records show that there has seen some form of habitation here from the second century BC, but it was not until the eleventh century that records first include the name of Cannes, it’s derivation believed to come from reeds which grew throughout the area and which were called ‘cannae’ in French. It was only in the middle of the 20th century that Cannes was ‘discovered’ by those who sought out the solace of winter sunshine and warmth, with a couple of notable people first associated with Cannes being Oscar Wildeand the King of Prussia.

tourist attractions in Cannes

The Cannes International Film Festival usually takes place in May, when the town transforms from decadence to a mass media scrum. However, outside this period, the town resumes a sense of normality and there is then the chance to discover what else there is on offer. La Croisette is the name for the promenade which runs all along the beach front and which is one of Cannes greatest attractions. With France being almost synonymous with the word perfume, La Castre, the town’s medieval fortification houses a fascinating perfume museum. The Musée de la Castre, which is located in what used to be the castle of Cannes, has surprising artefacts from all over the world – often the case with the Mediterranean being the starting point of many of the world’s great travellers and seafarers. Museums and art galleries dominate the town’s most popular attractions, but this means there is something for everyone, including Malmaison for contemporary art, Musée de la Photographie, Musée de l’art et histoire de Provence and finally, though involving a half day trip, there is the Musée et domaine of the famous French Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir.

festivals and events in Cannes

On the events front, there is much more to Cannes than the International Film Festival. The autumn sees the annual International Dance festival and September is the month for the International Boat and Yacht Show. There is an International Games Festival, though these are for mind, board and video games as opposed to sports, while in the summer there is the Cannes Fireworks festival spread over six nights. Other festivals include ones for Russian Art, Pantiero or electro music, Nuites Musicales held in the parvis at the front of Notre-Dame d’Espéranceand, unsurprisingly, a shopping festival. In January and to start the year offthere is the MIDEM music fair comprising concerts and award events spanning a period of five days.


Cannes also means France and France means gastronomy and culinary excellence. Though Cannes may be the home of many wealthy people, the restaurants there cater for every budget, so perhaps it is an idea to start at the top and work your way down. About 8km to the West of Cannes is the 2 Michelin starred l’Oasis which, according to reviews and checking the menu, seems very affordable for the high standard of cuisine.Le Palme d’Or also has 2 Michelin stars, is situated on la Croisette and has magnificent views over the beach and sea. Reviews are excellent for this restaurant, but check your budget with the a la carte menu ranging from €120 - €200.If you move in to town and away from the restaurants on la Croisette, the prices drop dramatically and for around €25.00 you can have a superb lunch at places like La Mere Beisson and Aux Bon Enfants.

recommended restaurants in Cannes
Le Bistrot Gourmand 10 rue Dr P.Gazagnaire marché Forville 06400 Cannes
Phone: +33 4 93 68 72 02
Le Caveau des années 30 45 avenue Félix Faure, 06400 Cannes
Phone: +33 4 93 39 06 33
Legend Café 9 Rue Oran, 06400 Cannes
Phone: +33 4 93 38 26 51
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