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About Fréjus

French Riviera, France

Fréjus is a seaside port and town located on the Mediterranean and adjoining St Raphael, basically making them one town which lies approximately 30km to the south-west of Cannes. Fréjus is linked by rail to Nice and Toulon, while the railway station at St Raphael has a mainline TGV rail connection. Like many towns on the French Riviera, Fréjus is easily accessible by road with the A8 bypassing the town a couple of kilometres to the north. The town is popular with those who enjoy the arts as well as being by the water and is a popular summer destination for many tourists, as well as some well-known permanent residents, including the singer Belinda Carlisle. With a population of just over 52,000 inhabitants, Fréjus is a hive of activity throughout the year.

A short history of Fréjus

The town is steeped in history, having originally been an important port on the Mediterranean during the Roman era, having originally been named Forum Julii, or Julius’ Market. With the PaxRomana, the town fell in to decline, having been ransacked several times by Muslims, to the point where the town became separated from the sea by a swamp. During WWII the town became the winter home of the Senegalese Tirailleurs, a corps of African infantrymen recruited from the French colony of Senegal, the word ‘Tirailleur’ being translated as ‘skirmisher’, which befitted their fighting style. Sadly, the history of Fréjus is blighted by the tragedy in 1959 when a dam above Fréjus, the Barrage de Malpasset, burst with the ensuing flood taking the lives of 421 people.

tourist attractions in Fréjus

The ancient history of Fréjus is clear for all to see, including the remains of the roman aqueduct and also the massive Roman amphitheatre which, in its heyday, would have held 10,000 spectators. Further historic remains include the LanterneAuguste, Porte des Gaules and the Porte D’Orée. The harbour is also a marina which caters for all but the largest superyachts, and in addition there is also a small aerodrome at Fréjus which has been home to various aeronautical shows, including ballooning, the Festival International de l’Air and kite fairs. The town also has three museums, one archeological, one covering the local history and traditions of Fréjus and the last being the Musée des troupes de Marines.

festivals and events in Fréjus

The Festival de Théâtre de Fréjus began in 1997 and is now a recognised annual event which takes place atthe end of July and beginning of August each year. The festival comprises predominantly open air events including plays, comedic performances and musical evenings. The end of March and beginning of April will see the Fete des Plantes, which is a celebration of many of the plants which are commonly associated with the Mediterranean, while there is also the Fêtedu Raisin and bizarrely, la Fête de l’OmeletteGéante. Fréjus is also part of the location used for the Roc d’Azure cycle race which was inaugurated in 1984.


With a town the size of Fréjus it is impossible to ignore the open air market and the combination of Mediterranean and Provençale food on offer. There are restaurants both in the centre of town and also down by the beach, each giving a variety of menus. Les Micocouliers in the old town offers traditional Provençale cooking, while El-Patio down by the beach is a more Spanish influenced restaurant. Italian food can be found at Francesco Ristorante while Asian food is on offer at Bangkok Café.

recommended restaurants in Fréjus
L'Aréna 145 r. du Gén. -de-Gaulle F - 83600 Fréjus
Phone: +33 4 94 17 09 40
L'Amandier 19 r. Marc-Antoine Desaugiers F - 83600 Fréjus
Phone: +33 4 94 53 48 77
Le Mérou Ardent 157 bd la Libération F - 83600 Fréjus
Phone: +33 4 93 62 53 95
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